Officially, it has been 2 years that I have been in digital marketing and {un}officially, I have been tinkering around on the web for over almost 12 years now and playing around with various tools to make “something” become visible to the world.

In this short post, I am sharing 5 modern marketing frameworks, which I hope won’t go obsolete any time soon, and might be useful to a wide audience from budding digital marketer (student or practitioners or both for that matter), to startups, established companies’ executives and business executives at large.

Marketing can be defined as a set of activities to create, deliver and communicate offerings that have value for customers. This lead to the digital value proposition which should lie exactly at the intersection of your company’s objectives and your consumers’ objectives. Simple! Yet, many companies will fail to properly understand what is their unique value proposition and communicate it…in both the real and digital world.

None of those models/frameworks is what I’ve learned as a student in a marketing module back in university (2009-2012), which means these models/frameworks are based on marketing in the digital era and shared by modern marketing gurus.

1. Start-up Pyramid

2. Pirate Metrics: “AARRR”

3. Lean Analytics Stages

4. Purchase Funnel


BONUS: Long-Tail

While I have simply listed these frameworks and models here, I believe that you’ve got a snapshot of what they are and perhaps, how to apply them to your business. Do make more research about it and don’t hesitate to ping me back to discuss on any of them :).

[Sources]: 7 Marketing Models Everyone Should Know & 4 strategic models every digital marketer must know

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