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I am Pascal, a global citizen and currently living in Singapore. I deal with product strategy on a daily basis. 

And I can briefly describe as:

Pascal is a forward-driven individual with a fiery heart. A constant learner, he is a productivity & startup enthusiast. He has lived in multiple places around the globe: Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Portugal and of course, Mauritius (home). He has traveled a bit, ate a lot and has a strong interest in electronic marketplaces, financial technologies, educational technologies, data-driven methodologies, and exploring new business models. Pascal also enjoys fitness activities, reading and watching movies in his spare time.

Or as:

Pascal has been the General Manager for an ASX-Listed company where he ran the day to day operations and oversaw the company’s business and product strategy in the region. He was also the Chief Representative Officer of a private Portuguese consulting firm and was based in Singapore to lead the company’s business development in the APAC region. Pascal is actively building the University of Nottingham Alumni Network in Southeast Asia. 

This blog is about the ideas of a striving global individual seeking to make change the only constant in his own life. Connect with Pascal on Linkedin (active – do mention that you came through the blog).  

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