Angelhack is the world’s largest and most diverse global hacker community, helping to drive open innovation of tech products, platforms and brands with extraordinary smarts, scale and speed. The organization is has organized over 300 hackathons globally since its inception about 3 years ago.

It was not an easy path since I joined Angelhack Singapore as ambassador less than 2 months ago but I am glad that the team and I managed to pull out a successful and smoothly ran hackathon

– Aaron, Angelhack Singapore Ambassador

Angelhack Singapore Edition 2015

The 2015 Singapore edition of Angelhack took place from 9-10 May as part of Global Series 8. There has been over 50 developers who came to spend their weekend building new prototypes, resulting in 13 projects submitted. Surprisingly or not, most of the teams were already formed prior to the event. It could possibly be due to the fact that several of them are classmates or from within a close community of developers.
The whole experience of hacking has been an intense exercise for sure and most of the participants seized every chance to nap whenever they could. The 24 hours of hacking flew by very quickly and some teams were making use of every available space to rehearse their pitch.
Free food and drinks were provided throughout the hackathon to ensure that the awesome (and pretty much young) crowd remain focus on their work.

Spotted! 3 “Cool” Projects
A total of 13 projects were submitted, and I was particularly interested in the following 3:

  • Gift4Fit – Get discounts for reaching fitness goals
  • Lancelot – Marketplace for service providers to find customers & vice-versa.
  • Carryport – Marketplace for on-demand transportation of goods from X to Y relying on neighbours or people within your vicinity & network and network of network.
  • And bonus project is Selleri which ended up winning the Angelhack hackathon. The team consisted of a 5 junior college students with an initial background in C++ programming but each of them has been scaling up and diversifying their portfolio of programming languages – from python to javascript.

    About the Selleri:

    Selleri provides online shops with a set of tools for customer analytics and an innovative back-end database design to increase customer exposure to listed products. Our tools allow online shops to better predict customers’ purchases and offer useful bundled offers. Selleri’s discovery-centric, online shopping user experience model enhances customers’ individual shopping experience whilst offering cross-sell capabilities to online merchants. Adding the fun of exploring shops without compromising the speed and convenience of online shopping.

    The runner up has been Gift4fit, it can be best described as

    You always wanted to achieve that fitness goal of yours. Gift4Fit is there to support you!
    Get subscribed with a single click and get even more benefits from your fitness activities. So the way it works:
    1. Use you fitness tracker as usual
    2. Get awarded for reaching your goals every day.

    You award comes with discounts at the nearby places you’re used to.

About the Sponsors
The event attracted locally based sponsored like IBM (Bluemix), Epam, The Hub Singapore and Redmart.

About the Organizers
Aaron and Ian were the two leads for the successful organizations of Angelhack Singapore 2015 edition. Aaron (Linkedin) is an entrepreneur from the travel industry, with a rising online Bali travel guide. He is Angelhack’s ambassador for Singapore. Ian (Linkedin) is a fresh out of school and Angelhack’s staff for APAC. He oversees developing marketing and other strategic projects for Angelhack.

Thank you to all hackers, sponsors, judges and volunteers for the awesome enthusiasm to make Angelhack Singapore a huge event! I am looking forward to the future hackathons and workshops that Angelhack team will be rolling out locally and regionally. Stay tune, this is going to be awesome!

About the Judges
And Angelhack Singapore 2015 was judged by a cool list of guys from startups and investors: Bradley from Tradegecko, Michael from Golden Gate Ventures, Jon from Redmart, Kaiesh from Lucep, Jean Claude from Tsar & Nikaia Ventures, Ahmed from Ventures Accelerated and Kevin from Coursepad.

My Overall Impression

Teams were good – despite the young age (average 20 years old), most of them pulled out a prototype within 24 hours.


There is room for mentoring – hackathons although pretty common in Singapore is still at its infancy stage, there’s a great opportunity for Angelhack to bring hackathons to a whole new level in Singapore. The question, can the Angelhack team pull out an amazing experience next time?


Not enough hackers – I believe this has been a small disappointment especially for sponsors, but I am sure there will be more next time. (Please don’t clash with exams!)

Looking forward to the next edition!

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