I am a firm believer that goal settings can help. My biggest accomplishment in 2016 has been related to health and fitness, which ironically were never in my plan when I set my goals for 2016. In fact, I barely had any plan with the exception of finding a new job.

Nonetheless, here I am sharing a high-level overview of my goals for 2017:

Health & Fitness

It is about continuity, and there is a lot of room for improvement. Holistically, I aim to bring down my body fat by 6% by the end of 2017. This will require me to maintain a healthy eating habit including cutting down on sweet products.

Since I own a fitness tracker, I also aim to hit 10,000 steps on a daily basis. The underlying aim behind this is to avoid complacency, i.e. being seated for long hours without getting up!

Career & Professional Development

2017 will be the year of focus, and specialization. This “endeavour” will push be further into a couple of topics ranging from logistics, e-commerce, payment and product management. I hope to strengthen my understanding, and even embrace the path of becoming a subject expert in one of the aforementioned topic.

I also intend to continue learning by picking up 2 new hard skills and level up 1 soft skill. Again, such effort will require laser focus and sacrifice on my side.

Personal Finance & Investment

I have been following the industry (Personal Finance and related investment products for the average professionals) for a couple of years now. I have to admit my reluctance in the past to go ahead and invest, and this is with the assumption that my risk profile is well-above average.

My high-level plan for 2017 in this area is to start investing in at most 2 products, while growing my fun fund (aka savings).

Side note: Somehow, I did previously make high-risk investment and lost everything. I’ve learnt my lesson!

Personal Development & Life Projects

In the spirit of Pay It Forward, I will renew what I have started in 2016 from mentoring university students to helping others to be fitter. I also aspire to start one life project which should be aligned with my “Personal Life Thesis” (the latter is a term borrowed from venture capital to guide an investor in his/her investment approach and portfolio building – investment thesis). More on my Personal Life Thesis in another post.

My personal development is going to be heavily influenced by the other goals. I noticed (self-awareness is really an essential must-have) that my happiness usually varies but would hit its peak when I feel that I have achieved with ‘some’ satisfaction from of my other goals, even small wins, do make life way much better.

Generally, the effort & pain of goal settings, strategic planning and finally, executing can be fun and meaningful in itself.

Ending Remarks

There will be a need to set up the details on how to achieve my goals with minimum external support. 2017 will be stable yet exciting. I have big hopes that my goals will be challenging and would be stretching me both physically and psychologically.

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