This year has been incredibly different in many aspects. I am still living and working in Singapore against all expectations, my professional interests are starting to shape up while I have a new found interest in fitness albeit limited to a couple of physical activities 🙂

It would be too lengthy to write a wholesome essay, I will summarize in 12 bullet points :

  1. Awesome year professionally having left my consulting job for a growth stage startup, with a short-stint in between as General Manager for an ASX-listed startup;
  2. Healthy diet! I started to cooking 80% of my week day’s lunch, cut down carbs intake by almost 60% and unfortunately, I still eat a lot of chocolate biscuits;
  3.  A thorough understanding of “young” companies and how to evaluate them;
  4. Wiser by a mile or two: Clearer life aspiration despite the ambiguity (something that most people believe I am comfortable with);
  5. Fitness level went up! I am work out on average 3 times per week combining strength and resistance training;
  6. Online Dating can work for those who make an effort;
  7. Appreciate Singapore way much better than before as a global and exciting city for a young professional;
  8. I thought I was generally excited by fintech as a whole, in fact, I discovered I was pretty much fond of – payment, crowdfunding, personal finance and leveraging on technology to improve those specific areas.
  9. (I think it’s weird to say it but still….) Learnt to make better use of my brain to analyse trends, understand the past, appreciate the present & explore the future, and most importantly, to optimize my limited resources;
  10. Spent more time connecting and reconnecting with people;
  11. Evolving views on world matters, technology, life and career among others;
  12. Lastly, Pay It Forward: I believe this is now a recurring theme in my life. From mentoring my alma mater’s students to helping my friends to raise their fitness level…

Worth a mention: I didn’t take any days off from work in 2016…it doesn’t make me a workaholic, just passionate about delivering work on time, always.

Reflecting on 2016, I am very happy (and tired) to have taken some difficult decisions and I am keen to unlock new opportunities in 2017. 

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