It has come to my attention that Linkedin’s stocks are trading at around USD 197, with a market cap of about USD 24 billion. No big deal given that it is over 10 years old and has been growing pretty well, except that it is not yet omnipresent among people aged between 18 and 28 (those belonging to my personal network on Facebook and its a pretty decent sample for Asia).

I started being more active on Linkedin since 2014 with a lull period of 5 months. Recently, I resumed my activity level on Linkedin in an attempt to learn how to make the most ouf of it. In other words, I am optimizing my Linkedin Profile (View!).

There are multiple steps to take to optimize your Linkedin Profile and Linkedin itself does a good job at prompting its users regularly, as well as, offering guidance on the website itself. Nevertheless, here are a few resources to get started (which I’ve personally applied to optimize my profile):

Having shared the above, I am on a journey to optimize my Linkedin profile. Since early May, I have been making incremental changes to various sections, in particularly, describing my past and current activities. In addition, I am actively seeking to reconnect and connect with relevant people (alumni, people I’ve met recently, etc), have been more active in sharing and re-sharing articles, endorsing and seeking endorsement, commenting and liking other people’s activities and joining groups where I have either a personal and professional interest.

There have been some interesting changes over the time, as shown in the set of photos below:

friday 15 may - linkedin experiment

June 1-7

June 8-14

May 4-10

May 18-24

May 25-31

sunday 24 may - linkedin experiment 2

Without Linkedin Premium account, anyone is technically running on a loss basis. Unfair, it is but that’s how Linkedin should monetize too. If I had to give a better suggestion to Linkedin, it would be to revamp their UI and consequently, the UX to make it more appealing for me to pay for it. Perhaps, it would lead more recruiters to find my page (that’s my excuse for not paying for a premium account). Ideally, I should be receiving a reasonable number of incoming requests from recruiters but won’t be able to reply to them without premium. Only then, it would become appealing.

Or what if Linkedin reinvented the wheel?

My short experiment on optimizing my Linkedin didn’t really work best. I’am experimenting with Linked Premium for until December 2015.

Otherwise, see my short article on headhunting…

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